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January 26th, 2007

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10:19 pm - my journal makes me feel like i can tell people things
the other day i was walking down the road, when i met a talking tortoise. i said hello, and he said hello back. that's how i knew he was a talking tortoise, and not just a regular tortoise.

i said, "dear mr. tortoise! it is so utterly frigid out-of-doors; i dearsay a small animal like you should be at home where it is safe and warm!"

he replied to me, "kind miss human, i am a tortoise: i am always at home!"

i then shared my sandwich with him. it was tunafish.

after we had finished our sandwich, i regarded him once again.

"mr. tortoise," i began, "i do wonder if you could assist me."

the tortoise replied, "i shall do whatever i am capable of doing."

and i said, "i need a friend."

the talking tortoise was very capable of assisting me. i made a friend.

and that is the story of how i met mr. tortoise.
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my journal makes me feel like i can tell people things - revy chum so

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